Prima.Law Chrome Extension

Prima.Law now has a tool for interacting with government agency websites. The Prima.Law Chrome extension works with Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

Click Here to download the new chrome extension.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Installing the Prima.Law Chrome Extension:
    • Option 1: Using the Support Article Link
      • Access the Link: Click the link provided in the support article.
      • Add to Chrome: On the extension page, click “Add to Chrome.”
      • Confirm Addition: Click “Add Extension” to confirm.
      • Pin Extension: Optionally, pin the extension for easy access by clicking the puzzle piece icon and then the pin icon next to the Prima.Law extension.
    • Option 2: Using Google Search
      • Search for Extension: Open Google and type “Prima.Law Chrome Extension.”
      • Select the Result: Click on the first result that appears.
      • Add to Chrome: Follow the same steps to add and confirm the extension as described in Option 1.

While performing tasks inside of Prima.Law, you can now perform the following immigration law-related tasks:

  • Access the CBP’s I-94 website to gather travel history and I-94 information for your contacts.
  • Import immigration court information from the EOIR A# lookup website into your contact’s profile.
  • Update the USCIS receipt information for your clients’ I-797 and other receipt notices.
  • Autofill CEAC forms (DS-160 and DS-260) by using the “Send to Extension” function in Prima.

*Due to recent updates to the EOIR Website, the A# will not copy in fully per EOIR site security policies. You still can enter the number manually and import the data following the example provided. USCIS Case Status Update now requires you to Input a Captcha, Information will still be imported to Prima after you manually input the Captcha.

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