Create a new contact inside Prima.Law

There are multiple ways to create contacts in Prima.Law. This article will show you how to build a contact inside Prima.Law

To Create a Contact in Prima.Law, Follow these Steps:

  • Step 1: Creating a Contact:
    • To create a contact, click on the plus sign under the “Contacts” section. This will open a new contact dialogue.
  • Step 2: Enter Basic Information:
    • Enter the contact’s name. If desired, add the middle name, email address for client portal access, and phone number, and define the type of phone number.
  • Step 3: Additional Information:
    • Please add basic info such as date of birth, gender, language preferences, social security number, and communication preferences. Then click “Save” to proceed.
  • Step 4: Upload Profile Photo and Add Notices:
    • You can upload a profile photo and add important notices, such as specific attention requirements or personality traits that need consideration.
  • Step 5: Biographical Information Passport Information:
    • Add passport details. Addresses: Add current and historical addresses, defining if they are physical, mailing, or foreign addresses.
    • Telephone and Company Information: Provide detailed phone numbers and the best times to call.
    • Employment and Marriage History: Enter employment history and marriage details. For marriage history, you can create a contact for the spouse.
  • Step 6: Adding Family Members:
    • Add family members such as children. Initially, they will only exist under the primary contact. You can turn them into separate contacts by clicking a button.
  • Step 7: Entering Detailed Information Date of Birth and Other Details:
    • Enter additional details and click “Save.” Biographical Information: Continue to fill in biographical details, including employment, education, and criminal history. Marriage History: Add marriage details, which can help in family petitions.

The other ways of creating a contact are covered HERE.

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