DEPRECATED - How can my client use the client portal to enter information for a case?

Client collaboration is an aspect of a modern law firm.

In order to have a client collaborate with you on their data importation, you will want to use the following workflow:

  1. Enter an email for the contact.
  2. Enable the Client Portal
  3. Have your client enter their information in the “Personal Information” dropdown menu inside the client portal. (You as the attorney can choose which items of data you want to collect for them like “Previous Addresses,” “Job History,” etc…)
  4. Have clients upload all necessary documents to the checklist inside of their client portal.
  5. Once they have entered all the relevant information and uploaded the checklist items, the attorney (or paralegal) will prepare the forms.
  6. Once the forms are completed or ready for the client to review, share the forms via the Prima.Law client portal.  You will be able to unlock any fields you want your client to edit, or you can leave the whole form as “read-only.”
  7. The client will review the forms, communicating with your office regarding any changes or modifications.
  8. The client will click “Mark as Complete” in their client portal and the attorney will be notified via the form interface of its completion.
  9. When final approval is received from the client, print the forms for signature and submission.
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