DEPRECATED - How do I use the client portal?

See this article for a quick overview of how the client portal works.

Why don’t we just use questionnaires for each case or for each form?

We also have questionnaires as a feature that serves the needs of our clients.  Please review this article and then also review the information on the questionnaires so you can choose which one (or maybe both do) fits the needs of your clients best.

Let’s Begin.

  • Create a new contact and enter an email address for that contact.  This is a vital step.  If they have no email, there is no way to allow them to log into the client portal.
  • On the “Contact Page” navigate to the “Client Portal” Tab.
  • Click to enable the client portal.  This will send an email to the client with a link to the portal and a password.  (Their email is their login).On that same tab, you can define which items you want to share with the client.  For example, you can enable or disable a checklist.
  • On that tab, you can also define which items of data you need to collect from the client. (Previous Addresses, Previous Employment, etc…)
  • Disable the ones you will not need for the case as it could lead to unnecessary work or confusion for your client.
  • Show your client how to enter into the client portal and where it is that they can enter their information.
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