-How do I use the Clio integration?

Use the search box to import contacts into Prima, or create a contact or case and it will automatically create in Clio.

Further Understanding the Clio Integration

Entering contacts into Clio.

When your account is connected to Clio, you can either

  1.  Create the contact in Clio and then import them (and at that time any cases you have made for them) into Prima.Law, OR
  2. You can create the contact in Prima.Law and a corresponding contact will be created for you in Clio.

Creating cases that are linked to Clio.

2 ways to create cases in Prima.Lawthat are linked to cases in Clio.


  1. Create the case in Clio, and
  2. then navigate in Prima.Lawto the contact page –> “Integrations” tab, and
  3. Import those cases into Prima.Law
  4. At that point you can edit the case type in order apply the case flow, checklist and forms to the case.


  1. Create the case in Prima.Law.
  2. A corresponding linked case is created in Clio as a result IF you have the 2-way syncing enabled in the administrator panel of Prima.Law

Note:  If you manually create cases in both places, you will see multiple (unexpected) cases in Prima.Law and Clio.

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