-How to Subscribe to Prima.Law

You can manage your subscription from the “Admin Panel” in the Administrator’s account.

Subscribing to Prima.Law is a great choice.  Follow these instructions to subscribe with the correct number of licenses to the features you need.

All subscription management is done from the administrator panel.

You will need one “Prima.Law Core” license for any user of the software.  You may purchase the “Immigration” or other forms libraries for the users who will need access to these forms, and accompanying tools.

If you choose to pay annually, you will see that you save about 15% by paying and purchasing annually.

You may not select fewer core licenses than you have of any one practice for forms.  This is a built-in control, so you would not be able to select a number of core licenses that are not supported.

When ready, click “Subscribe/Update”

You will see a confirmation screen and you will have to log out of the system to take advantage of the changes.

When you log in again, navigate to the admin panel again, and select “Subscription and Users”

Now select the “Users” tab at the top.

On this screen, you can invite users to your organization and assign licenses to them. For example, you may have a staff member with only a core license or a license to the Immigration collection and/or the California collection. You will see the number of used and available licenses at the top.

From this screen, you can also disable users, re-send activation emails (which reset their password as well), or enable users once again if you have an available license.

If, at some point, you need to reduce the number of staff who have access to different libraries of forms, make sure you unassign the libraries from them in the “Users” tab before attempting to modify the number of licenses in the “Subscription” tab.

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