How to track priority dates.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1. Adding a Priority Date
    • Access Contact Page: Start by navigating to the contact page for the client.
    • Go to Immigration Tab: Click on the immigration tab to access immigration-related information.
    • Select Priority Dates: Navigate to the “Priority Dates” section.
    • Register a Priority Date: Click to add a new priority date.
      • Enter Date: For example, January 1, 1992.
      • Select Petition Type: Choose between family or employment petitions (e.g., family petition).
      • Choose Country: Select the country (e.g., Mexico).
      • Select Preference Category: Choose the category (e.g., F1).
    • Save Priority Date: Click the save button to register the priority date.
  • 2. Viewing Priority Dates
    • Check Home Page: Once the priority date is saved, it will appear on the homepage under the priority dates section.
      • Current Priority Date Notification: The homepage will indicate if the priority date is current, showing if final action can be taken or if the case is ready to be filed with USCIS or the Department of State.
    • View Full List: To see all priority dates, click the option to view the full list.
  • 3. Removing a Priority Date from Notifications
    • Navigate Back to Contact Page: Go back to the client’s contact page.
    • Access Immigration Tab: Click on the immigration tab again.
    • Go to Priority Dates: Select the priority dates section.
    • Remove from Current Priority Date Report: Check the box labeled “Remove from current priority date report.”
    • Save Changes: Click save to update the changes.
    • Verify on Homepage: Return to the homepage to confirm that the client’s priority date no longer appears in the notifications.

Tracking priority dates in Prima.Law is quick and easy. By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and update priority dates, ensuring you stay informed about visa availability and filing readiness. For more detailed tutorials, check out other videos in the Prima.Law support series.

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