*How to use questionnaires in Prima.Law

Questionnaires in Prima.Law are dynamically generated.  This means that based on the participating forms that you select, your questionnaire is directed toward the individual whose data is being sought.  The individual is also only given the questions needed to fill the forms.

In this way, you can cover many case types with custom-directed questionnaires.

Watch the video for detailed instructions on how this works.

How do attorneys use this feature?

Attorneys can send these questionnaires via a secure link to the email (and soon to be SMS text message) directly to a client, or to any other person who will need to fill in the information.

Staff can also email this questionnaire to themselves so they have one location to fill in all required information for a case.


Prima also has the ability to create your questionnaires as traditional forms that are shared with clients. If you desire this functionality, please contact our customer success dept. through the chatbot on our pages.

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