Leads Management

Introducing our lead gathering and tracking feature, designed to streamline your lead management process and unlock the potential for higher conversion rates and optimized sales and marketing efforts.

Seamlessly integrate intuitive lead capture forms into your website or other digital channels, allowing prospects to provide their contact details and preferences with ease. The system automatically collects and stores this valuable information for further processing, saving you time and effort.

Administrator Task:

The administrator on the account will need to go to the “Admin panel” to “Firm Settings” and generate the link for the Lead Intake Form.

This link can be copied and used to embed on your website or you can direct clients to it to gather information and have them automatically added to your Prima.Law account.

You can also list email addresses that you want to be notified of new leads being created.

Leads Feature Information

This feature allows you to gather leads from the lead form.

You can also create a lead from a contact.

Use the Kanban Board and Table view to see which leads are progressing and which ones need more follow-up.

Kanban View

Table View

Each individual lead is handled independently from the contacts in Prima.Law

Each Lead has its own Notes, Tasks and Calls tracking.

The new funnel icon at the top of the screen will notify you of pending calls and tasks specifically for leads.

How to use this feature in your firm:

  • Assign someone to be in charge of managing leads.
  • Make sure that all people who need to know, are getting emails about new leads.
  • Follow up with all leads within 8 hours.
  • COnnect your leads email to your Microsoft Teams, Slack or Discord so you get immediate notification of leads.
  • They may assign specific leads to specific staff members.
  • Follow-up weekly with your team to cover everyone in your database who is not lost, and who is not yet a client.
  • Be sure to include an estimate of the value of the case work for the lead.
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