SMS / MMS Text Messaging with Twilio!

Start by obtaining your account from Twilio.

  • Follow this link to sign-up: TWILIO SIGN UP
    • You will pay as you go for SMS/MMS messages.
    • When you are at your Twilio dashboard, buy a phone number. It will cost $1.00/month. This will be the number you use in order to receive text messages for your firm.

Choose a number that has Voice, SMS and MMS capability

On your Twilio account dashboard, you have your “Account SID” and your “AUTH TOKEN”. You will been to enter these into Prima.

Text Messaging SMS MMS in Prima.Law

Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1. Setting Up Twilio Integration
    • Administrator Panel: Start by navigating to the administrator panel.
    • Integrations: Under Integrations, select Twilio.
    • Connect Twilio Account: If not already connected, click “Connect.”
    • Enter Account Details: Input your Twilio account SID and authorization token.
    • Email Notifications: Define an email address to receive copies of each message sent. This can be a shared email for your firm or specific individuals.
  • 2. Using the Text Messaging Feature
    • Access Contact Page: Go to the contact page of the client.
    • Communications Tab: Click on the text messaging icon under the Communications tab.
    • Message History: The system will fetch the message history, showing previous messages and images sent.
  • 3. Sending Text Messages
    • Compose Message: Type your message in the text box (e.g., “Hi there, are you going to the AILA show?”).
    • Select Phone Number: Choose the correct phone number if the client has multiple numbers.
    • Add Files or Images: You can attach files or images to the message.
    • Send Message: Click “Send.” The message will be recorded in Prima.Law.
  • 4. Receiving and Responding to Messages
    • Receive Message: When a client responds, the message will appear in the communication history.
    • Respond to Message: You can reply directly from Prima.Law. For example, “Hello client, yes.”
    • Send and Receive Images: Clients can send images to you, and you can send images to them. These will be saved in the message history.
  • 5. Managing Files and Images
    • Transfer Files to Cases: You can transfer received images or files to the relevant case files.
      • Select Case: Choose the most recent open case for the client and transfer the file.
      • Save File: The file will be saved in the case files.
  • 6. Cost and Control
    • Twilio Costs: Sending a text message via Twilio costs a fraction of a penny (e.g., 0.7 cents per message).
    • Ownership and Control: You own the Twilio account and have full control over the phone numbers and costs.
  • 7. Benefits of Using Prima.Law for Text Messaging
    • Message Storage: All messages are saved in Prima.Law, ensuring you have a complete history.
    • Staff Access: Any staff member with access to Prima.Law can view the message history, avoiding the need to share personal or office cell phone numbers.
    • Dispute Resolution: Having all communication stored in Prima.Law helps resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

The integrated text messaging feature in Prima.Law is a powerful tool for maintaining communication with clients while keeping all interactions organized and accessible. By following these steps, you can effectively use SMS and MMS messaging within Prima.Law, enhancing your firm’s communication capabilities.

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