SMS / MMS Text Messaging with Twilio!

Start by obtaining your account from Twilio.

  • Follow this link to sign-up: TWILIO SIGN UP
    • You will pay as you go for SMS/MMS messages.
    • When you are at your Twilio dashboard, buy a phone number. It will cost $1.00/month. This will be the number you use in order to receive text messages for your firm.

Choose a number that has Voice, SMS and MMS capability

On your Twilio account dashboard, you have your “Account SID” and your “AUTH TOKEN”. You will been to enter these into Prima.

Navigate to the Administrator Panel (console) in Prima, and find “Twilio.” Click Connect, then Settings.

Remember that Account SID from Twilio? and the Auth Token? Paste those here. Then click the edit icon for the Phone Number and add the phone number that you purchased in Twilio.
Now navigate to a contact (who has a mobile phone number), find the SMS/MMS tab and start sending messages.
Remember, you can send and receive images too!

When you receive images, you can send those to one of the cases for your client.

Now, spread the word and check out all of Prima’s other cool features.

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