USCIS E-filing

You have been waiting for it, and it is finally here!

Just like you can do with Consular Process forms, now USCIS E-filing is automatic. Make sure you install the Prima.Law Extension to make use of this ALL NEW powerful feature.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1. Installing the Prima.Law Chrome Extension
  • 2. Preparing the Form
    • Verify Information: Use the form editor to verify that all required information is correctly entered. Scroll through the form to check for completeness.
  • 3. Using the “Send to Extension” Button
    • Log into the desired USCIS Account: If not already logged in, enter your USCIS account username, password, and two-factor authentication code if applicable.
    • Create or Select the contact in your USCIS Account who will be applying for the benefit.
    • Navigate to Case Page in Prima.Law: Go to the case page for the contact. Navigate to the “Forms” tab.
    • Click “Send to Extension”: Select the form you want to e-file (e.g., I-90) and click the “Send to Extension” button.
    • Prima will begin to automate the selection of the form, and the filling of the form. You must allow Prima.Law to select and create the form so that you have the ability to pause, stop, leave and return later by pressing the “Send to Extension” button again.
  • 4. Automating the Form Filling Process
    • Automatic Filling: The extension will begin to automatically fill in the form on the USCIS website.
    • Manual Inputs (To be Updated): Data such as SSN, A-Numbers, and ZIP codes have to be input manually for the timebeing, it is as simple as copying the data using the button you will see in the pop-up window and pasting it in the respective field.
    • Resume Automation: Click “Next” and then “Play” to resume the automated process.
  • 5. Creating Additional Forms
    • Repeat Process: For other forms like I-130, follow the same steps. The extension will automatically input the information.
  • 6. Ensuring Complete Information
    • Double-check Data: To avoid interruptions, ensure all necessary information is filled in the form within Prima.Law before starting the automated process.

The new automated USCIS e-filing feature using the Prima.Law Chrome extension streamlines the form-filling process, making it more efficient. Ensure all information is correctly entered in the form within Prima.Law to minimize manual input during automation. Enjoy this new functionality and enhance your workflow. For more detailed tutorials, check out other videos in the Prima.Law support series.

Supported forms: I-90, I-130, I-765, I-131, and N-400. More Forms will be added in upcoming updates.

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