How do I add additional contacts to my case?

Look to your list of forms to know who should be entered as a separate contact.

When creating an immigration case, you are rarely dealing with just one person.

You are dealing with Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, Spouses, Family Members and more…

There are a few concepts to be aware of, so please read everything below:

Related Contacts:

The “Related Contacts” tab is found on the “Contact Page”

To know which individuals must be an independent contact inside PrimaFacie for any particular case, you will first need to look at the list of forms you will be populating.

If you see that there is a “Role” assignable for the person (for example a Sponsor on the I-864, or a Petitioner on an I-130) that person will have to be an independent contact inside PrimaFacie.  At first, you will have to look at the list of forms, but pretty quickly you’ll catch on and know instinctively who needs to be an independent contact.

Once they are an independent contact, navigate to the Primary Immigrant’s contact page and find the “Related Contacts Tab” and yes… relate them there and be sure to choose the correct relationship.  If it is not there, just choose “Other.”

“Family Members” Tab

Under the family members tab, you will find family members of the contact.  This includes Children, Parents, Siblings and more.  Spouses are created under the “Marriage History” tab.  You can copy children and family members from other contacts into this tab as well.

“Marriage History” Tab

Here you will find the information for the current and past spouses of the contact.  Notice that you can copy information from another contact if necessary.

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