*What are the capabilities of the PracticePanther integration?

We, at Prima.Law, are proud to announce that we have released the PracticePanther integration for PrimaFacie.

Here are some of the basics about the integration.

  • A PracticePanther account is required.  This will also work with a demo account from PracticePanther.
  • Once you connect to PracticePanther, you will have a 1-direction integration.
  • You can import contacts and matters from PracticePanther into Prima.Law.
  • Data does not flow from Prima.Law to PracticePanther.
  • For example, if you create a case in Prima.Law, it will not automatically appear in PracticePanther.
  • Likewise, contacts that you create in Prima.Law do not appear in PracticePanther.
  • However, you are able to import those items FROM PracticePanther INTO Prima.Law at any time.
  • The basic workflow is something like this: You have a contact who hires you or will consult with you.  Their information goes into PracticePanther.  Once you want to do a thorough intake with our intake sheets, or once the client hires you for a case for which you need forms, that is when you would import them into Prima.Law.
  • From inside Prima.Law, you can click the “Go to PracticePanther” button to go directly to that contact or matter inside of PracticePanther.

For immigration attorneys, the Prima.Law+PracticePanther combination is essential.  Immigration attorneys deal with so many forms, and we have them all.

  • Easily autofill immigration forms,
  • Track priority dates,
  • Track Expiration Dates,
  • Prepare addendums and immigration packets.
  • With 114 predefined case-types, we have checklists and
  • Case-flows for the most common immigration cases.
  • the Prima.Law client portal also allows uploading documents directly to the checklist
  • Attorneys can upload documents directly to the checklist from their mobile device
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