*How to create a custom case template.

To create a custom case type:

  • First of all, this is only available to the administrator on your account.
  • As the administrator, navigate to the “Administrator Panel.”
  • Click on the tab for “Custom Case Types”
  • Click “New”
  • Enter a name for the case-type template and click “OK”
  • *Note: you cannot modify the templates provided by PrimaFacie, but as explained here you can create your own and even import checklists and flow items from the PrimaFacie templates.
  • Select the forms you want to add to the template and click the “add” button for each form.
  • When finished selecting the forms to add, select the next tab to set the “Case Flow Items”.  These are the steps you would typically have to go through in your office’s workflow to complete all work on this case.  We recommend setting the priority value in increments of 10 in case you need to re-organize or add other steps later.
  • Next, click the tab for “Checklist” and enter all items the client will have to bring, or documents the attorney will have to gather to process the case.  Again, we recommend you set the priority values in increments of 10.
  • If desired, you can import both the checklist items and case flow items from previously created case templates (as many may be similar in content).
  • When finished, click the “Update” button below to finish creating the case.
  • Now when you create a new case, you will be able to select your custom case-type as well.
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