*The New Client Portal

The new Client Portal in Prima makes it easier to gather and share information with your client.

We have completely redesigned the client portal to make it easier to share information with, and gather information from you clients.


  • Easy Login
  • Access to Checklists and other case information
  • Upload documents to checklist
  • Fill Forms
  • Complete Questionnaires
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • Share Documents

What happens to the old client portal?

It is being deactivated on Dec. 13, 2021. All Prima users will use the new client portal as of that date.

Configure your client portal with your law firm’s brand assets.

Configure your client portal so your client’s feel like it is actually “Yours.” You can be the coolest attorney in town with your customized client portal landing page.

When you upload your images, your client portal landing page will be customized for your firm.

Make sure that your client has an email address and then enable the client portal from the contact profile page.

Your client will get an invitation email like this:

Once enabled for the contact, you can share cases in their client portal as well.

You can share multiple cases with a client at once, although it is recommended to share one case at a time, to keep things simple for your clients.

You can share Checklists, Forms, Questionnaires and Invoices with your client through the client portal.

When the client opens the client portal, they will see these items for the selected case, and they can review, and upload as necessary.

Here you can upload, review and download items for the checklist.

You can fill questionnaires:

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