The New Client Portal

The new Client Portal in Prima makes it easier to gather and share information with your client.

We have completely redesigned the client portal to make it easier to share information with, and gather information from you clients.


  • Easy Login
  • Access to Checklists and other case information
  • Review Case Status Updates
  • Upload documents to checklist
  • Fill Forms
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • Share Documents

Accessing the Client Portal

Administrator Panel: Start by going to the administrator panel. Look for the “Client Portal” tab.Customize Client Portal: You can customize the Client Portal with your law firm’s branding.

  • Upload Images: Add a landing page image and your law firm’s logo. Ensure the images adhere to the specified dimensions.

Enabling the Client Portal

Turn On Client Portal: In the contact page, enable the Client Portal for your client by clicking the relevant button.

  • Email Invitation: Ensure the client has an email address. An invitation email with login details will be sent to the client.
  • Login Convenience: The email includes a link that automatically fills in the login and password, making it easy for clients to log in.

Your client will get an invitation email like this:

Once enabled for the contact, you can share cases in their client portal as well.

You can share multiple cases with a client at once, although it is recommended to share one case at a time, to keep things simple for your clients.

Client Portal Features

  • Check Status: Clients can check the status of USCIS receipt numbers.
  • Access Files: Clients can view and download shared files.
  • Forms: Clients can fill out forms, make payments, and share notes. Attorneys can share specific fields in forms for clients to edit.
    • Assign Roles: Ensure the petitioner and beneficiary roles are correctly assigned in the form.
    • Client Edits: Clients can fill out or review forms and then send them back to the attorney.
  • USCIS Receipt Numbers:
    • Add Receipt Numbers: Enter USCIS receipt numbers in the case for clients to view.
      • Status Updates: Clients can see the latest status and view detailed information on the USCIS website.

When the client opens the client portal, they will see these items for the selected case, and they can review, and upload as necessary.

Here you can upload, review and download items for the checklist.

You can also share Invoices:

Best Practices

  • Client Onboarding: When signing up a client, explain the Client Portal and its benefits.
    • Assistance with Setup: Assist clients in setting up their portal, showing them how to use the checklist, upload documents, access forms, and make payments.
    • Communication: Encourage clients to use the portal for easy and efficient communication and collaboration.
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