-How to use Custom Fields with Prima.Law and Clio?

Administrator Panel –>Integrations

To sync your Clio account with Prima.Law,

  • Previously we have connected Prima.Law to Clio.
  • Now that you are connected we have two more buttons to deal with.
  • Prima.Law can now create a standard set of custom fields for data that is used in Prima.Law, inside of Clio.  You can click the “Generate Custom Fields” button to perform this action.
  • Once you do this, you can then configure the custom fields to match many fields inside Prima.Law.  This assists with importing data into Prima.Law from Clio when you have gathered that information inside of Clio already.
  • After you have imported the custom fields, you can define which field in Prima.Law it should match to for auto-filling purposes.
  • If you have multiple integrations that use a common custom field in Prima.Law, you can configure that from the “relations” link.

What data is automatically synced between Clio and Prima.Law 

  • Cases that are created in Clio must be manually imported into Prima.Law from the contact’s “Integrations” tab.  Cases created in Prima.Law are automatically created in Clio.
  • Contact information does sync both ways, as well (although there is no middle name sync because Clio does not have middle names).
  • Notes, and Tasks will sync both ways.  Be aware that tasks at the “contact” level will not sync because Clio does not support “contact” level tasks.  All other notes and tasks automatically sync both ways.  If created in Clio, they appear in Prima.Law, if created in Prima.Law they appear in Clio.
  • Contact information like addresses, and phones will sync 2 ways while custom fields and most other biographical data will not sync both ways.

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