Where do I add family members to a case?

Family members are added in the contact profile as a family member of the primary contact or as a separate contract. Read below to find out how to enter them correctly.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1. Accessing the Contact Page
    • Navigate to Contact Page: Begin by navigating to the contact page of the individual for whom you want to add family members.
  • 2. Adding Family Members via Information Tab
    • Information Tab: Under the contact page, click on the “Information” tab.
    • Family Members Section: In the information tab, find the section for family members. This is where you can add details about family members such as mom, dad, mother, father, son, daughter, etc.
      • Add Family Member: Click “Add” to input the family member’s details. Fill in as much information as possible, as this data is often required for immigration forms.
  • 3. Creating a Contact from Family Member
    • New Contact Creation: If you need to create a new case for a family member (e.g., father), you can convert the family member into a contact.
      • Convert to Contact: Use the button next to the family member’s details to create a new contact record for them. This will generate a separate contact page with their own details and cases.
  • 4. Adding Family Members to a Case
    • Open Case: Open the specific case (e.g., VAWA, I-130) where you need to add family members.
    • Select Forms: Choose the relevant form (e.g., I-360, I-130).
    • Filling Roles: If the form requires a role to be filled by a family member (e.g., dad), ensure the family member is listed as a contact. Only contacts can be assigned roles on forms.
  • 5. Converting Family Members to Contacts for Forms
    • Related Contacts: Navigate back to the contact page and go to the “Related Contacts” section.
      • Check Related Contacts: Verify that the family member is listed as a related contact (e.g., spouse).
      • Create Contact from Family Member: In the family members section, click the button to create a contact from the family member record. This makes them available in the related contacts list, allowing them to be selected in forms.
  • 6. Managing Marriage History
    • Marriage History Section: Similar to family members, you can manage marriage history (e.g., previous or current spouse).
      • Create Contact from Spouse: Click the button to create a contact from a spouse record if needed.

Adding family members to a case and contact profile in Prima.Law is straightforward. By following these steps, you can ensure that all necessary family member information is accurately recorded and available for use in immigration forms and cases.

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