*How to add N/A to fields in Prima.Law

N/A is automatically added to any blank field for USCIS and EOIR forms when you download them from Prima.Law.

As you may be aware, USCIS is now requiring that no field be left blank on a form. USCIS is now using this as an excuse to arbitrarily deny applications. EOIR also requries this via the instructions to their forms. 

While we are sure to see lawsuits in this regard, Prima.Law has automated the filling in of blank text fields and dropdown menus with N/A when you download a USCIS or EOIR form. 

You do not need to do anything in your account to enable this. 

Simply download the latest unexpired version of any USCIS or EOIR form and you will have N/A filled in for every blank filed required of the applicant(s), preparer and interpreter. 

If you encounter a field that you wish to remain blank when you download, you can easily force it into a quasi-blank state by entering any character into it in Prima.Law.  You can use “_”, “.” or any other minimally visible character.

If you encounter a field you want to say “None”, simply type “None” into the field and if USCIS and EOIR left enough room, you will see it when you download.  Many fields on the I-864 series are pre-populated with “None” as they will always call for a numerical value and must be filled with “None.”

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