*How to create addendums in Prima?

We have 2 ways to generate addendums in Prima.

Steps to create an addendum directly in the forms tab:

1. Go to the Forms tab and click on the form name. 

2. Click on generate in the addendums section. Prima.Law will generate the addendum automatically. It does this by reviewing how many fields are available on the form compared to how many entries there are for this class of item in the contact database. You can edit the addendum after that by clicking on edit in the addendums section. 

3. Download the addendum along with the form. 

Steps to create an addendum in Prima.Law from the tabs in the contact profile:

1. Click on the tab where you need to create the addendum (job history, previous addresses, family members, etc.) Then, click on print. 

2. Once the print window is open, hit ctrl+a and then ctrl+c to copy the info.

3. Next, go to the case page and onto the forms tab and click on the form name to add the addendum. 

4. Click on the add section under the addendum part. This will open the window to create the addendum.

5. Hit ctrl+v and then click create the bottom of the window (Prima.Law will create the addendum with the USCIS format). 

6. When you download the form, please make sure to download the addendum as well.

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