Using the form viewer/editor in Prima.Law

Autofill, Reverse Autofill, and a smooth experience are all new features of our forms editor.

Our form viewer/editor now provides the following features:

  • Enhanced Reverse Autofilling – we can now capture all the contact database information that you use to fill a form and add that to the profile for the contact whose information you are entering.
  • Tab Index – We are now able to compensate for the USCIS’s inability to produce a working tab index and you can successfully “tab” through the whole form.
  • Continuous Scrolling – You can now scroll from page to page without stopping to click the “next” button”
  • Page Autofit – Now you can quickly fit the form to your screen and see a whole page at once, or you can fill the width of your screen.  This feature is especially helpful if you use a monitor in “portrait mode.”
  • Form Sharing is now integrated into the form viewer so you can share a form with your client and control which fields you want your client to be able to edit.
  • Updated Interface – We have updated our forms viewer interface to be easier and faster to use.
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