*What is reverse autofill?

Send data into your contact database by simply filling your forms.

Reverse Autofill is one of the premier features of Prima.Law that sets it apart from the competition.

Few forms providers have even attempted to provide this essential feature and database technology has recently advanced to even make it possible.

Now, when reverse autofill is enabled in the form viewer, the data you enter into the form will be populated into the client database.

  • Enable the reverse autofill feature inside the form viewer:
  • And type information into the fields that are outlined in purple.
  • The fields that are highlighted in purple are those that store information on the contact profile page (aka database).
  • When you type information into these fields, it will send that information to the contact profile page.
  • Then, if you want to use this information to autofill forms, you can do one of three things
    • 1.  Select a contact to fill the role on the form and the updated information will be used for autofill
    • 2. On an individual form click “Autofill” to re-autofill that particular form.
    • 3. On the forms tab, select the “Autofill All” button to re-autofill the forms in that case.
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